Your vacation: Russia or Ukraine?

Ukrainian and Russian women’s sex appeal

Cultural and social differences



Your vacation: Russia or Ukraine?

The world has been fascinated by Russian beauties long before it learned about the existence of Ukraine. Yet, these two nationalities are very similar and both types of girls are beautiful.

So where to go for a vacation: to Russia or Ukraine? Girls are similar while destinations are very different. Ukraine is warmer, sunnier, less costly, and does not require a visa from Europeans.

Let’s see what you can get in these two countries, as a bonus to gorgeous and sexy girls. Are you into skiing? Then you won’t find anything better than the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine.

If you like beaches and leisure, Russia can offer only Sochi to you. Crimea gradually becomes an official part of Russia too, but it’s too militarized at the moment and avia is limited.russian women online

While there are nice beaches in many cities of Ukraine: Odessa, Chernomorsk, Berdyansk, Genichesk, Ochakov. Prices are comparatively low, especially near Azov Sea if not the Black Sea.

If you like big and beautiful cities, the centre of Moscow and St. Petersburg are a must for you. Warning: most of other cities look boring and grey, with endless hypermarkets and buildings.

The most beautiful and unique towns in Ukraine are: Odessa, Kamenets-Podolsky, Lviv, Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, partially Kyiv. In any case, the number is much bigger than in Russia.

Finally, the attitude towards tourists. It differs too! You’ll be the most welcomed in Moscow if you hire a guide and interpreter from the beginning. A person will drive you, accompany you, and help.

If you walk alone, no one gives a heck about you. You ask questions in Russian, in English, but people only run around like crazy, because everyone is in hurry and everyone is ignorant.

It’s a bit better in St. Petersburg which is called an intelligent city, but it has another pitfall, lots of hard-drinkers. So you never know who you will meet on the street and how they’ll treat you.

In Ukraine, all people are hospitable. Some westerners complain the whole thing is commercial, but it can seem so only if you organize things online. Offline, it’s different.

Lots of people on the street and in public places speak English, or know how to use Google translator. They will happily show you the way or help to purchase what you need. No worries!

You may already get an impression that we are suggesting to visit Ukraine instead of Russia, but we’re just giving some food for thinking. If you’re an independent traveller, Russia suits you too.

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Ukrainian and Russian women’s sex appeal

All Eastern European girls are sexy. It’s a fact! The question is which nuances of appearance you prefer exactly. Although most of women are Slavs, there are a lot of nuances indeed.

Russian women are close to the natural blonde type, like in Belarus. The more northern you travel, the more pale blondes with blue eyes you meet. It’s entire Ural and Siberia.

The closer to the capital you get, the more mixed genotype you observe. There are lots of chestnut-haired women in Russia since Tatar brunette type constantly mixes with Ural blonde type.

It’s similar in Ukraine, but much more ethnicities are involved. Odessa, particularly, is the hottest and most surprising mix of nationalities since the oldest times and until today.

Polish, Romanian, Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish, Armenian, Jewish, it’s only a short list of genotypes that traditionally inhabited Odessa and all the south of Ukraine. Imagine those beauties!romantic date in Russia or Ukraine

Famous Kozak people back in history have also been dark-haired and black-eyed. Today, this trait is expressed less but the tendency can be seen. South Ukrainian girls are more like Croatians.

But thanks to their bright character and their passion towards fashion, women in Ukraine are often compared to Italians. They express themselves brightly, in all meanings and areas of life.

What about their open-mindedness in sex? Don’t tell us you haven’t questioned that. Don’t worry, all Eastern European girls are a perfect mix of being classy and very modern!

It can be said with confidence both Russian and Ukrainian women have no taboos in a bed, except for threesomes or heavy BDSM. If they’re decent, they’re strictly monogamous.

But for their beloved, they can do anything, especially passionate Ukraine girls. Sex in public places, exciting each other in all possible ways are in the menu. Want to start today?


Cultural and social differences

Now we came to the most controversial point, politics and society. Anyone who is reading news at least from time to time, knows a lot is going on in Russia and Ukraine.

That’s mostly a negative stuff, and it is connected with eternal battle between pro-European forces and post-Soviet powers. For now, Ukraine chose a pro-European way, which is logical.

Even Belarus which is very conservative and even a bit regressive, attempts to distant itself from Russia. Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia have even more resources and reasons for that.

In any case, today, Russian and Ukrainian women are in two opposite camps, and these political games affected their way of thinking. To be fair, Ukrainians have a more peaceful attitude.

It is highly recommended not to touch political subjects on your romantic date in Russia or Ukraine, and to distract your lady with some positive stuff like souvenirs, jokes, personal russian date

Otherwise, both Russian and Ukrainian girls are very intelligent and educated, they enjoy attending museums and theatres with their man, as well as watching opera and ballet.

If that is too boring for you, at least use this option to check whether your girl is sincere or just a gold digger who prefers endless shopping, luxurious travelling, and shallow talks.

An interesting nuance is that Russian girls visit their friends and relatives without considerable gifts, and do not welcome guests with too many dishes. They make coffee and smoke.

While Russian women always bring cakes with them to share with others, cook a lot even for insignificant guests, and in fact expect some symbolical gifts too when someone comes to visit.

It is considered a norm to greet a child with sweets or fruits, and present something nice to old people, such as a spacious handbag to a girl’s mother. You’ll be thanked greatly by all family members.

Once you checked your girlfriend and her tastes appeared flawless, there’s no need to fall asleep in the Opera House. She will be happy to take you to the zoo, central park, or some waterplace.

Remember that Eastern European women are in general very romantic, even a bit naive. They read a lot, or at least their mothers did, so they adsorb romance from the novels since their childhood.

Even if you keep in mind the short-term relationship, be polite and gallant. It will result in lots of tenderness, and wild sex too. A Russian woman shall be more reserved than Ukrainian though.

Do not try to learn Russian or Ukrainian, even if you want to please your mate very much. Those are difficult languages, just like Hungarian, Turkish, or Swedish.

Most probably, you’ll manage to learn only a couple of basic sentences, and still, your pronunciation will be too funny for people around. Save your energy for something else.

These simple tips were meant to help you chose where to travel this time, and whom to date if you’re still single. Both countries have their advantages, so think twice and start your adventure.