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In the modern world, most people do not have the opportunity to spend time looking for a suitable life partner: banal walks, trips to clubs, concerts.

Your site at times reduces and filters out unnecessary information. I frankly, did not expect such a result. I registered from despair, she – out of interest, but we found each other, and we are thankful for this.

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Pretty Russian Brides Marriage presents a lot of useful articles which help men understand women and win their hearts. One of them was how to interest a girl. And I want to share with you some main ideas of the article.

Basic ideas for online dating

You can interest a girl with your appearance and social status. If you have a well-filled questionnaire and good photos, which show that you do not like to waste time in vain, and travel, meet with friends, go to fashionable places, etc., then this is enough to write to the girl anything you like, and she is will get acquainted with you.

If you have no time to make cool pictures, then you can interest the girl with help of the intrigue. Here are some examples:

  • Hello! You look great! Let’s meet tomorrow at 7 in the center.
  • It is cold outside. We can, I have to sit and talk. Where shall I pick you up?

In such a way you immediately declare your intentions. Clearly and concretely. Most girls like it very much. The effectiveness of such messages is about 20-40%, that is, if you write 10 girls in this way, 2-4 of them will agree to meet with you. In my opinion, it is not bad.

After that, keep the intrigue until you get the phone number. And do not answer her messages right away, wait a few minutes to a few hours.

Who can help you in your search?

Be afraid of someone who will say that exactly this or that girl is your soul mate. The solution must be only yours. Mom, grandmothers, friends will not take responsibility if something goes wrong. When everyone screams that this lady is the best, it is quite possible that at the same time you may be uncomfortable with her. And no one will feel it.

People do not choose parents or children, but they can choose a wife or husband. And be sure to use this opportunity.

You can pay attention to some behavioral features:

  • How she communicates with her parents.
  • How she communicates with her friends.
  • How he spends her free time, what she likes.

Do not rush, otherwise you will marry a girl with whom it will be quite uninteresting. And you will have to spend some boring winter evenings.

Remember that marriage is a very serious matter.

After all, this is not just a stamp in a passport, but a way of life. And your wife also sacrifices her time, her youth and beauty to you and your children. Can you appreciate these sacrifices?

It’s one thing when you see a girl only on dates, rested cheerful, beautiful. And completely different, to see her in any condition: with a aching head, tired, uncombed. Imagine this before the first serious steps. After all, a family man looks very different. You see your lady on the other side.