One of the best things that could happen to a man is to get married to a woman who is not only exquisitely beautiful but also family-oriented, educated, and committed to making the marriage work out. Several men dream of having Russian brides but feel intimated by the challenges of integrating them into the new society properly.
Many international marriages fail as a result of the negligence of the parties involved to study and understand the features of the culture and traditions of their partners before becoming active members of a new society. However, it is not a daunting task to properly integrate Russian brides into the new society as you thought. Consider the advice below to learn how to blend them into the new society correctly.
According to the Russian tradition, the bride is expected to move into her husband’s home. Even though it is not uncommon to see many partners share an apartment before the marriage the bride cannot stay in her parents’ home after the wedding.
Whether your wedding ceremony takes place in Russian or your country, it is expected that, after the honeymoon you return to your home and continue with your work. Meanwhile, you may decide to stay in Russian with your bride and find a job. This might be a waste of time and efforts, in that, you may appear overqualified for the available job and eventually not get hired because the standard of living in Russia is lower than in most Western countries.
At this point, you have to choose between staying in Russia accepting the lower standards and returning to your country with your bride. For your information, your bride will not refuse to leave her family, friends, and country, having decided to marry a foreigner in the first place; she will certainly follow you whenever you go.
Now that you are returning to your country with your bride, here are the tips to help her integrate into the new society effortlessly.

1. Introduce Her To Your Family And Friends.

The first step you should take to make your bride feel welcomed and accepted is to take her to your parents. Introduce her to your mom, dad, and siblings. Although she may not understand them perfectly because of the language barrier (but most Russian girls understand and speak English a little), Explain to her in simpler words what they are likely talking about, so that she does not feel left out of a conversation. Also, introduce her to your friends and possibly your colleagues at work. She deserves to know who you speak to on the phone, explain to her until she knows almost everyone you relate to.

2. Enroll Her In A Language Class And Show Her Around.

Another way to let Russian brides integrate into a new society is to assist them in understanding your local language better. You can do this by teaching her your language for one hour every day or enroll her in a language school where she will be taught your local language. Besides, you need to take her out and show her around. She should know where to buy groceries and the supermarket to get necessary home items. And she may want to go for a stroll before you return from work, she will not feel bored.

3. Enroll Her In Courses Relevant To Her Education.

Staying all alone at home from moving to evening till you return from work every day will be very boring for Russian brides. They love to work, be busy, and be productive and support their husbands. Therefore, you should enroll her in a course that is in her line of study to make her employable in your country. She will be occupied and learn new things until she gets an employment.

4. Help Her Connect With Other Russian Women In Your Community.

You can leverage the advantage of the social media to find Russian women who are living in your neighborhood. If you find them, introduce your bride to them. They can help her to understand your country better and guide her properly to integrate into the new society.

5. Ask Her Questions.

On a final note, do not assume that she feels great. Ask her if anything bothers her. Care for her. Be interested in her choices and seek her consent before making decisions for her or decision that concerns both of you.
Following the above tips will help make Russian brides integrate properly and make the new society like their previous home.

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