Dating Ukrainian girls is something you can read about on the Internet, but you’ll rarely find the information on how to pick them up and hook up with them. Let’s find out together.
Ukrainian girls love to party. That’s a fact. The girls under 25 years old hang out in any nightclub that is considered cool. The girls over 25 prefer little cafes and pubs where they spend time with their buddies, co-workers, and ladyfriends. So in fact, you can catch the nice-looking girls literally anywhere, just follow the city guide.
Now, how to make them interested and start a communication resulting in wonderful intimacy? You have to know that Ukrainian girls are very romantic. Yes, even the professional daters and the scammers. When they see a non-changeable gallant attitude, they finally find some mercy in their hearts and their hormones start to react on you. The main task is finding their “basic pain”. Glass by glass, they might share it with you. It can be their desire to find a decent father for their future baby, to have a house of their own as they are nearly homeless, or to escape from over-controlling parents. They can struggle to forget their ex-boyfriend or dream to take revenge on their ex-husband. But once you find her basic pain, you should play this card.
Doesn’t matter how practical or materialistic she is, but first of all, she hopes that someone helps her to solve her main problem. If you allow her to speak about that as much as she needs, even without big promises from your side, she’ll be fascinated. If you’re a good teller and listener, with the calming and convincing voice, she might fall into your arms on the same evening.
Of course, there are always persons with the “black, black heart” and you can do nothing about that, no matter how hard you try. Once you see the first signs of cruelty, move on to the next girl. Any cynical comment is already a hint helping you to discover her dark side.
Another weakness of Ukrainian girls is traveling. She finds it too challenging and obliging to go to your country, meet your family, adapt and start a committed relationship with you. But if you suggest just a quick weekend away from Ukraine, or even to some Ukrainian city such as Odessa or Lvov, she will be highly motivated to strengthen your special connection. There are girls who will kiss you after your promise to take them to Paris, but we didn’t tell you that.
As to the girls’ other expectations, you must know that they always analyze your looks: your hairstyle, your shoes, and your watch. Try to show your best looks in this regard, even if you have just a few hundreds of dollars at the moment. Your best shoes and watches can always save your face and bring you some extra points.
Ukrainian girls like talking on a distance till they show you the first signs of attraction. Sometimes it happens after a few shots. It’s not typical for women to drink vodka or other strong alcoholic drinks like in Russia. They drink cocktails, wine, or beer. If you like them, they expect you to buy them several drinks or, in case they allowed you to hug them or dance too closely, to pay the whole bill. If you see they’re ok with your first touches, don’t become too pushy or they will get frustrated and angry. Touch their fingers, their waist, their hair, and you will be considered gallant and romantic. Don’t touch their face or a butt, it’s too intimate and disrespectful! If a girl laughs all the time and touches you first, then you can try these kinds of caresses but watch out, her mood can be changed too quickly and dramatically after you cross the line.
Finally, it’s better if she initiates the kiss. Or at least moves her face closer to yours and looks at you with “that glance”. Ukrainian girls have no problem to do that, but you should find a key. We shared with you many tips above so just chose the most appropriate one exactly for your case and for your kind of girl.