The sexiest women are in Russia

The best categories for hookup in Russia

Best ways to conquer a Russian girl


The sexiest women are in Russia

Russian girls are desirable by everyone. It’s easy to check: for example, some men confess they aren’t into Latin American or Asian type of beauty. But Russian type is classic, it’s just perfect.

Perfectly feminine, naturally slim and sensual Russian women tend to have a blonde of chestnut hair, they wear feminine jewellery like pearls, on a daily basis, and always use a mild perfume.

Sounds like something you could never find in the US unless it’s some highly religious sect? No tattoos, no piercing, no punk green hair, only shining natural beauty. It’s so easy to find in Russia!

But during last decades, Russian women got a bit disappointed by western men. Let’s see why it could happen, and how you could avoid disappointing them further. Here are some of the complaints:

  • Western men keep on proving to be a bit superficial. They don’t want a girl who isn’t a supermodel, who isn’t perfectly slim, who has more than one child, etc.
  • Some western men do not care to court, to be romantic, or at least polite. They’re quick, straightforward, physical, obsessed, sometimes even openly rude.
  • Girls also quickly detect if a man is narcissistic, doesn’t care at all about her close family members, like if they didn’t exist, doesn’t care about her wishes and dreams.
  • Finally, some men are so ignorant they even do not congratulate a girl with her Birthday. It’s important for Russian women, so they will probably stop talking at all.

This mistakes aren’t hard to avoid, after all, girls of any nationalities equally want a good treatment and gentle attitude. Just Russian girls are even more refined and sensitive than others.hookup russian

Even if you don’t have serious intentions or long-term plans, show courtesy for your own sake and profit: it will make a Russian girl more welcoming. Isn’t it what you want?

As to a girl’s Birthday, or such huge holidays as Christmas, Woman’s Day, never ever miss them. Another chance will be only in 12 months, and both of you aren’t going to wait that long.

As you can see, there are no complaints about men’s greediness, only about the lack of attitude. Don’t be afraid that you will need to spend a fortune for her Birthday gift.

But just one rose or a chocolate bar if the app supports the gifts delivery, or sending her a postcard with ten bucks inside, these options aren’t costly at all. Yet, it’ll bring you the harvest.

There’s also no worse way to show a Russian woman she’s an empty place for you, than ignoring the fact of her having a child. No questions about him, no greetings, nothing.

Again, no one obliges you to become a step-father for this child, or buy him his first Mercedes. Just ask how he or she is doing, what their hobbies are, it’s more than enough.

What Russian girls care about, and dream about, is an elementary humanistic warmth. But it’s so rare nowadays, since we’re all are too practical and fearful. We shouldn’t be, if we want to succeed.

Showing your best qualities when you don’t need a partnership just a hookup, isn’t deceiving or hypocrite, it’s a normal treatment. Casanova was very polite and caring with the ones he hooked up.

And look how many women he seduced! We are sure you want to reach a similar result in Russia, so do not skip these simplest steps and your trip to Moscow will be very impressive.


The best categories for hookup in Russia

It always takes time to define who is suitable for casual relationship among the girls, and who is not. Dating experts are helping in this process of search so one can organize hooking up quickly.

Escort girls in Moscow are the very first category suitable for hookups. If one doesn’t want to waste his time for courting or convincing a girl, this way is for him.

One can order a girl through the escort site or meet her at the nightclub. There are plenty. It is possible to pay with the intermediary commission or independently.

Some escort girls do not charge for their services, they just want to attend fancy places or do some shopping together. It is always discussed in advance which is convenient.

Sugar babies in Russia are highly achievable and easy to hookup as well. One just has to differentiate them from gold diggers who may look similarly, as Instagram models.hookup russian women

Both types look glamorous and seem very sticky when they’re with a man, but they have different motives. Sugar babies don’t mind to have sex on the first date.

While gold diggers would do anything to avoid that. Sugar dating is convenient thanks to its pre-agreements that are clear and mutually satisfying, so use this opportunity.

Businesswomen, or cougars aren’t a rare category in Russia, they can be met in any big city, both in the applications and at high-end nightclubs. They want to hookup too.

One should be ready they’re all of mature age, but a big plus is that they do not demand or expect anything. All they need is sex for one night or one hour, having fun.

Girls clubbers are definitely a hookup material. It’s a big category that includes bored housewives, students who are typical party animals, and even shemales so watch out!

Girls clubbers want to relax to the fullest and forget about anything, so getting them a drink or two almost guarantees you some wild and highly satisfying time with them.


Best ways to conquer a Russian girl

No one said there’s no competition among local men and foreigners in Russia. There is some. Local men aren’t very protective of women, but they are rude by nature, and some drink a lot.

Since they tend to be big and strong, better be careful and pickup a girl who doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend or companion around her. This way, you’ll ensure your hookuping is safe.

How to make a Russian girl chose you? It isn’t simple since she has so many choices. If she’s still sober, try to impress her with your looks, brains, sense of humour, false or true prestige.

Some foreigners succeed thanks to certain tricks such as renting expensive watches or the latest version of iPhone just to expose it at the nightclub. It really works in many cases.Hook up Russian girls

If a girl is already a bit drunk, just be sexy. We bet you know how to do that. Do not do anything that could be called an abusive action. Be super tender yet insistent.

It isn’t hard to seduce a girl mildly, gathering into her eyes, touching her hair or her shoulder lightly, smiling in a special way, whispering to her ear. It usually gives her nice shivers.

Only when it’s already very clear that she wants you too, quickly chose a place for some privacy and get as naughty and wild as you can, to not let her change her mind.

Bingo! It’s your night and you’re the winner. All other competitors are left behind, and you have just had sex with the hottest girl out there. Go on and get another one if that is your plan.